If I am going to be a perfectionist, why can’t I be the kind who gets it all done?

I am a frustrated perfectionist. The one who doesn’t get anything started because I don’t think I can do it right.

That is reason #1 why Flylady is so good for me! She gets me. She knows my house is a mess because I can’t clean it all “perfectly”. So I do nothing. If you attempt nothing, you can’t fail.

Admitting where you actually are does sting. But only for a second. In reality, it is freeing to know that this isn’t actually me, but just something I struggle with. Now I know how to motivate myself. I just have to get started. And something new is uncomfortable. At least in the beginning. It won’t always be like this.

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  • Joe says:

    I really like what you write about. I know you feel that your blogging isn’t making that much of a difference and I also know it takes a lot for you to blog. I really feel you have something to say and people really want to listen. You really encourage me and other people that read your blogging. I love you and will will support you with whatever you decide to do.

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