I first heard of Flylady around about 1999. I love to plan and though I printed out everything they had to offer, I didn’t make a whole lot of progress.

A few years ago, after moving into our dream house, I discovered cleaning videos on Youtube. It was so satisfying watching someone make a room neat before my very eyes(often in high speed).

I stumbled across How Jen Does It . She was a homemaker who had a cleaning system based off of Flylady’s zones. It was exactly who I wished I was. Sparkling clean home, home cooked meals. And she worked out.

Well, watching videos like this did help me, but they didn’t really help me tap into my own natural style of organizing and homemaking. I was basically trying to become something I admired.

It wasn’t until I heard another YouTube Vlogger mention the Flylady System as taught by Flylady Kat. I didn’t know it, but that was going to be instrumental in helping me understand the whole Flylady system!

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