I just want my house clean

Last night and even this morning, I was tempted to just clean house today. 

Sometimes I feel like I am two people(at least). One side likes to follow all the rules perfectly. And the other side is a complete rebel. I cycle through these stages. At this point, I am just going to embrace it. 

I am telling ya, the only thing I like more than a comforting routine, is breaking free of it. 

Which brings me to another scenario that I picture a lot: that I am my own parent. One side wants to do only that which is fun and one side wants to do what is right. I have learned to take a little from each side, that that makes things more balanced than totally fun or totally serious. 

And reading that back to myself, I am wondering… if I am taking elements from each of the sides, does that mean I am actually three people???

Before I jump completely off the rails of what started as a helpful post, let me get back to why I am not going to allow myself to clean the entire house today. It is because I already know what will happen if I do that. Because I have done it countless times before.

For one, I will wear myself out and not want to clean(or do anything) for several days. In short order, we will be back to a messy house. 

For two, infrequent marathon cleaning sessions aren’t going to keep my house clean. 

I chose instead to do what actually will prove to be helpful. (If not today, then it will show soon!)I have realized what my issues are with the Flylady system: the main one is that I often focus on the deep cleaning tasks for the week and ignore the daily things. The house never looks picked up in this scenario! 

So today, I am going to allow myself to break free a bit from the normal Flylady routines and work on tidying up. BUT-I am going to keep doing the little habits that I have built so far(like laundry and walking the dog). I almost threw those out the window today to get my whole house clean.
I just love to drop everything and give a task my full attention. Just feels so productive. 

Clearly, that that would have been a huge mistake. It is the “little” daily habits that keep the house humming along. For example, I really don’t enjoy washing dishes and I put that off all the time for some other job that seems more important. But washing dishes is actually an integral part of keeping the house clean! 

So today I am dropping everything. To wash dishes. And other tasks like it. It is not very glamorous, but it is what I have been missing all along.

And I will truly feel and actually BE productive!


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