December 2018 meals

Here are pics of some of the Once a Month meals we cooked this month.  I have used this service for 3 years and probably have tried every single menu! 

We currently use the Keto menus and my membership allows me to swap recipes. 

This is my affililate link to Once a Month Meals. There are free things you can try. If you do make a purchase after clicking the link, I may receive a small commission.  

This beauty is why I always use bone in leg quarters cooked slowly in the oven whenever possible!!  I love how this Mississippi Chicken Thigh recipe turned out!!
I made one recipe, but something happened that evening and we didn’t eat it, so the next night I tore the chicken off the bone and turned it into Coconut chicken curry. I could probably live off this. I added xantham gum for extra creaminess.
This should have been Asian meatballs, but I was too tired that day to form them into meatballs. So I just cooked the ground beef on the stove and added some power slaw. I had hoped for a more “Chinese take out” taste, but it was still good. I hope to eventually stumble upon the secret ingredient for all my favorite foods!
This is the leftover Asian Meatball recipe paired with a salad mix. We double the dinner recipes and have the leftovers for lunch.
Coconut Crusted Chicken
Crock Pot Low Carb Zuppa Soup
Crockpot LowCarb Pizza Soup
Keto Lemon Pepper Garlic Chicken
Bacon Broccoli chicken ( I cooked this one day and then added the bacon the day I reheated it)

This was supposed to be Coconut Crusted Turkey Burger. I used ground beef instead and at the last minute, I didn’t have the heart to add the coconut! I just threw in a little coconut flour. It was very good, like a chicken fried steak!


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