Progress Not Perfection

The title of this post is definitely my mantra. But that doesn’t take away the pain that inevitably comes with growth. I tend to want to give up the second I do not achieve perfection.I am trying to change my mind and realize that the immediate goal is actually progress!

For the last few days, my neck, shoulders, back and joints have been tense and achy. I got to use the massage gift card I received for my birthday last night and achieved RELIEF! ahhhhh….

But last night and today, my body aches from the work that was done.

I have changed pillows, adjusted the height of my bed. Adjusted my bra strap even. I am ready for the stuff I am trying to work already!!!!

What if I keep trying and I still hurt? What if the things I am doing don’t work? What if I stay like this? What if I thought I was doing right and I lost some weight, improved our finances, busted some stress, but this is a far as I make it??? What if I am doing all these things in vain?

These type of thoughts are why I think that is why it is important for me to take tiny itty-bitty baby steps when setting goals. If I color in my adult coloring book everyday and it doesn’t lead to any transformation, there is nothing lost. I really do believe it does calm me and is a source of satisfaction. It is hard for me to argue with myself that doing this is too hard. Committing to coloring a few minutes everyday isn’t so much of a risk that I need to consider stopping if times get tough or if it doesn’t seem to be working.

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