Never Binge Again first impression

I started the book last night. I saw someone mention it and I did read it and it made sense and I would love to read it now that I am doing the keto diet and feel so much more confident and in control.

Yesterday I mentioned that I didn’t necessarily love every word of the book when I read it the first time. It wasn’t long before I came upon what I didn’t like about it the first time!

The Whole “Pig” analogy

The premise of the book is that we have to realize that there is a part in all of us that is selfish and looks out for #1 only, and in the most primitive and non-helpful manner. It is what is commonly referred to as the “lizard brain”. I have heard that before. The lizard brain wants what it wants and will do whatever it has to do to get it.

I had the most trouble referring to a part of myself as a “pig”. Is it too “cutesy” or does it just sounds too demeaning?

So do I disagree with the author’s assertion? No. Christians call it the “flesh”- the part of you that is selfish and wants to take the easy road.

As a parent, as sweet as our little children can be, we definitely know there is a “bratty” side to them that is self-seeking and manipulative and will fight off our efforts to feed them well and have them sleep.

And what about the story about the Cherokee grandfather who tells his grandson we have two wolves inside of us and the one that wins is the one we feed?

Truthfully, I think I am already trying to dismiss the book before I have even really started.

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