OAMM keto mealprep for Feb

I plan to just add more posts as I complete my meal planning for February. If this is your first time here, you should know that I use Once a Month Meals to plan my keto menus. After 3 years, I became an affiliate. So any links you click on and make a purchase, I may make a commission. (Please see my privacy policy and disclosures/disclaimers for more info.)

They have several menu choices, not just keto. Before I forget to mention, please check out this free mini menu sample plan.

I share that in case you just want to do what I am doing. But I hope that even if you choose to do something else, you can benefit from the things I share here about meal planning.

About mid-January, I started putting recipes into a plan for February. Before my shopping trip, I looked over them again to make sure they weren’t too ambitious or had weird ingredients. And made sure they sounded good. I deleted one.

I printed up the recipe cards and the shopping lists. These are things I print up every month. The prep instructions and the cooking instructions- I could go either way. Sometimes I like to make my own way and sometimes I need help getting started. When I get like that, I like to have the instructions to follow.

For the next few days, I look at my calendar and note recipes I didn’t use for January(just to help me plan better). I will place the recipe papers in the plastic sleeves of my binder. I try to take the time to write any notes or thoughts on the recipes before I slip them into the covers. I have only in recent months began saving the recipes. I may determine this is not a worthy pursuit. But for now, I will continue to do so.

I will also familiarize myself with the grocery list and recipes. I note any substitutions I want to make. Especially with anything I am allergic to and cheaper cuts of meat.


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