I tried the CEO Morning and Night routine challenge

I love to watch people do chores or morning routines on Youtube and I happened upon this video. After watching it several times, I tried several of the practices. The bath is especially enjoyable and I really think that helped me turn the corner with my back/neck pain. After the bath, I read and dim the lights. It really has helped to have a wind down routine.

Then I listen to some relaxing sound like rain or thunderstorm to fall asleep. I used to have to listen to a video or show, but now I can actually be alone with my thoughts. In the shower/bath and while falling asleep. I keep the sound going all night. I find that if I wake up, I hear the sound and for some reason it comforts me to know immediately that I am in my room and it is still night time, time for sleeping.

Surprising results from these changes with my phone use

Also working well for me is charging my phone a little further away from my nightstand. After I read from a few books(with the settings on green, so it isn’t too bright), I plug the phone in across the room. That way I am not tempted to look at it any more that night. I also put it on “do not disturb”.

By accident, I discovered if I leave the phone in my room til later in the day, I get a LOT done downstairs! I am not sure if I can do this long term… I have told my kids to message me on Facebook if they need me. But what about phone calls? Do I even receive many phone calls? Surely an important caller would leave a message? I will just have to give it a chance and see what happens.

Chasing away boredom with chores or tidying instead of mindlessly scrolling is something I hope to continue!

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