Keto Chick Fil-a Copycat Chicken

You may recall that I use the Once a Month Meals planning service to get my meals prepped and in freezer. Shout out to Once a Month Meals for this recipe from The Primitive Palate!

These Copy Cat Chick Fil A nuggets look beautiful!!

I added a few of my own seasonings(dry ranch powder and cajun season) to personalize it to our tastes. Go easy on the salt if you are using the pork rinds, as they are pretty salty.

Blended up pork rinds for the breading.

Since I am allergic to eggs and dairy, I planned to dip these in Just Mayo, which is a vegan mayo. Walmart has been out of it, so I experimented with a vegan mayo recipe on Pinterest.

Don’t think “Oh, I can just use coconut oil in mayo.” Well , you can, but it will solidify when it hits something cold!

After running out of pork rinds, I used some Swerve pancake mix for breading. That was delicious too!!

These reheated well. I could not believe the breading was pork rinds. It really tasted like Chick fila.

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