March Meals

These are some of the Once a Month Meals we made in March. OAMM is opening their memberships doors in April. If you are interested in joining, now is a great time! If you follow my affiliate link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Please see my privacy policy and disclosures and disclaimers for more information.

Cod grilled outdoors with Montreal chicken seasoning and lemon (This actually wasn’t a OAMM recipe)
This bacon wrapped leg quarter is one of the Once a Month Meals recipes
Kevin’s Famous Chili Recipe from Cooking with Babish(not OAMM recipe, just a recipe we found on Youtube)
This is recipe is called Roasted Chicken with gravy.
Crack Chicken made with goat cheese instead of cream cheese
Mini Paleo Pizzas with Daiya nondairy cheese
Leftover beef fajitas in an avocado
Keto broccoli salad with vegan mayo and dairy free cheese
meatball recipe that I didn’t make into meatballs 🙂

chicken and broccoli bake (broccoli not pictured)
chicken chili

Artichoke dip style chicken(dairy free cheese)

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