Keeping it Keto on Vacation

I wrote down some thoughts before I left for a little road trip and also wrote a few things while I was traveling.

I am terrified to go on vacation. We are finally getting a chance to travel to Tennessee. It will be quick but we will get to see our family there(and our friends!). I have not traveled very much since I became an adult. That is not something my husband and I have done together. I am terrified. What will I eat? What will I drink? I like to have everything planned out and accounted for. To a degree that is not healthy or possible 😂 So I am just riding out this feeling that the sky is falling. The more I travel it will get easier and easier to plan and adapt.

What is it about traveling that makes me feel so ENTITLED???? to spend, to EAT without abandon. That feeling almost made me want to stay home. But this isn’t so much a vacation as it is a family visit. I made some food to bring with us and I don’t mind confessing to you we ate quite a bit of it the night I prepared it! 😂 today I ate a few of the poppers cold from the Yeti. It was decent, but I was afraid it would hurt my stomach.

And it DID in fact, hurt my stomach, but I actually didn’t eat anything else the rest of the day which is an AWESOME response instead of “deserving” to eat out or “needing” to relax with more food.

Grumblings from home quietly threaten my sanity. It’s as if I packed up my troubles and am dragging them across the country. I wish I could let go. I can sure try.

I always say that the easiest part of this whole Keto thing is the food. Maybe that is why I am in turmoil about what to eat. Maybe I feel that if I get derailed on this trip, it is all over. I don’t know. Maybe I am just intimidated by the new me who makes decisions and choices and lives with those choices instead of avoiding decisions at all costs so I can avoid a mistake.

We have had a lot of fun, but after a few days, I feel this vacation has lingered on way too long. Catching traffic last night(and today!!) has delayed our arrival home. I am cranky, tired and ravenous. I have heard that Quest snacks are keto friendly. I was desperate today and have had 2 of them. Looking at the ingredients, I am Not sure I would eat these regularly.

Today I longed for the ease of picking up anything to eat or drink without regard to sugar, carbs, eggs, dairy! I feel so inconvenienced today!

I did overcome my reluctance to drive and follow the gps. It is just not something I am familiar with! It takes time to get comfortable with. And time to familiarize myself with the process.

Each day I grow tired-er, and more ready to get home!

Update: I did make it home and am RELIEVED to be back in my own bed. And not stuck in traffic.


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