OAMM is opening their doors!! Aug 1-5

I always say the easiest part of this whole weight loss/keto/health journey thing is the food! The feelings, the stress, EVERYthing else is huge. But the food is simple. Not always easy, but simple. For one, the meal planning service I have been using for a while has keto recipes.

After three years of using the service, I signed up to be an affiliate for them. Which means I share their links and if you make a purchase, I may make a small commission. Please see my privacy policy and disclosures for more information. I love this service so much, that if you sign up and don’t use my affiliate link, I will still be SUPER EXCITED!!!

When I was first trying to lose weight, someone told me that the fact that I did meal prep was huge. I was surprised. Mostly because my perfectionistic tendency is to downplay any success I have because it isn’t “perfect”.

Recently, I heard on a podcast that 90 percent of the podcaster’s listeners don’t cook at home! WHAT??!?

Well, that is interesting. If you do cook, you are one of the elite few and if you don’t, you are in good company!

The meal planning service I use will be opening its doors to accept new members in August. I am not saying you must meal plan. Or even that you must cook at home! I think you have to make it work for YOU and your own situation.

But if you are interested in seeing how I make it work, check out Once a Month Meals and get on the Waitlist. Or try a free freezer meal plan!

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